Paris – left bank – Montparnasse – La Coupole – hanging at the bar – a glass of dry white wine.

I've dreamed of NY, loved SF, a naked gogo girl kissed me in Salt Lake City, I went high in Phoenix, I've been in love with a hairdesser in Alburqueque, lived in LA.

Fellini, Henry Paris, Jean-Pierre Melville.

An demanding lover.
An esthetic lesson. A secret place in Paris St Ouen flee market to buy pairs of pointy shoes.

Bubble Gum, by Kim Fowley.

The Devil's real name is Satanik, the 60's italian SM comic with fantastik titles: Kiss and Kill (Embrasse Et Tue), The Vice Racket (Le Racket Du Vice), Die in Hell, Bastard ! (Crève Batard) !... If you have never played with yourself watching Dana (Satanik's girlfriend), just shut up !

Santa Claus for dickheads.

Danny Carel, Serena, Magali Noël (her eyes, her butt), Sylvia Bourdon (her loud mouth), Nico (her chapped lips on The Marble index cover), Anita Pallenberg (playing russian roulette), Karine Gambier, Anita fuller, Peepee.

Hallyday of course. Johnny in 1969, his face covered by blood. I've listened to him for the first time in dodgems, surrounded by gipsies.

70's / 80's / 90's / 00's
Malagutti / Renault 5 / Mercedes 300 CE / Greyhound bus.
Marty Scorcese / Riddley Scott / David Fincher / Michael Mann.
Glitter / Rockabilly / Easy listening / Roots reggae.

Jésus La Caille by Francis Carco
and Montmartre by Louis Chevalier.

Always on. An habit I've caught in LA. I watch everything, from infomercials to The Wire (the best TV show ever).

dominique Forma